B2B ecommerce platform comparison: What is better in the USA – Shopify VS WooCommerce

When you’re starting a B2B business the stakes are definitely much higher than when starting a regular business that sells directly to customers. Since with a B2B business you are selling to other business owners, you need to be even make sure even more that your business is running with the highest efficiency possible because your customers are people that know how a business should be running. Finding the best platform to work with is something that will give you a great advantage in the business world, and because there are so many options out there now you definitely have a lot to pick from. Today we are actually going to try and make things a little bit easier for you by making a B2B ecommerce platform comparison and try to figure out whether Shopify or WooCommerce is the better option in the USA.


To start off we’re going to talk about WooCommerce which is definitely one of the most famous platforms out there. This is a platform that comes with any WordPress website so if you are also in the lookout for a website, then this is an even better option. The platform is very scalable and it will allow your business to grow while it grows with it, and you can definitely be sure that it will be able to accommodate your peak demand without any trouble. Since nowadays most people work and shop on their mobile devices, having a responsive website is very important and WooCommerce is a platform that will give you great responsiveness, which means that your ecommerce website will look beautiful on mobile devices as well. However when it comes to ease of use, if you are a B2B ecommerce owner that doesn’t have a lot of experience in terms of coding, then this is probably not the platform for you. Even though you can start with the version that has been pre-installed, if you were an unexperienced user the rest of the set up can be pretty difficult and if you are doing all the work yourself, this is definitely something that you have to keep in mind.


Of course, Shopify is a must have on any B2B ecommerce platform comparison, because apart from it being one of the best options in the USA it is also one of the top options all over the world. Thanks to it’s amazing and very extensive App Store, this platform is definitely the first choice for anybody that wants to be able to add to their store.Essentially what this platform will let you do is go into the App Store, choose the functionalities that you want to add to your e-commerce, and they will immediately be a part of it. This alone is a feature that a lot of people really appreciate and it is also why this platform is so popular. Shopify is also really user-friendly which is why a lot of beginners love it, and more over it is designed with small startup businesses in mind, which is usually what people are after. However we couldn’t talk about Shopify Without mentioning what is widely known to be the biggest drawback of it. The fact that you have to pay a transaction fee for every sale that you make is something that stops a lot of users from going after this platform.


 In fact, the platform in general can get a little expensive because of things like the monthly subscription, the transaction fees, the prices of all of the features that you want to add on, the themes and templates that you may want to buy and so on. If you are a B2B business owner that doesn’t have a lot of funds laying aside for things like this, then you’re probably better off with a solution that has all of the functionalities that you need already built into it without the need for you to pay extra for them.
Finding the perfect e-commerce platform will definitely make a huge difference in the way that your business runs and the efficiency with which it works. We really hope that sing a B2B ecommerce platform comparison like this will help you find the best option for your own business in the USA. Make sure to read this article carefully and to really pay attention to both of the positives and negative sides of Shopify and WooCommerce, because that is the only way that you will find the perfect match for your own business.

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