Here Are The Top 3 B2B E-Commerce Platforms

Here Are The Top 3 B2B E-Commerce Platforms

The 21st century marked the evolvement of digitalization and internet. With this, the emergence of e-commerce business is slowly facing-off the brick and mortar options. The impact is not only happening to the companies that are dealing with consumer products. Rather, a revolution is taking place into businesses selling their products to other businesses. In this essence, a rise of B2B e-commerce platforms is on course. New developers are joining this niche with solutions to enhance business to business transactions.

As a newbie, it is easy to miss the point when choosing one. Particularly, if you are not careful, you might make the wrong decision that will lead to a downfall of your B2B venture. This article presents the top 3 B2B e-commerce platforms to help you make the best choice. Here they are:

Shopify plus

If the e-commerce field was a kingship, Shopify would be on the throne. Shopify is one of the leading platforms offering one-stop solutions for online business. When it comes to the B2B niche, it is not left out. The company has a package by the name Shopify Plus. This package allows B2B entrepreneurs and businesses to set up their e-commerce websites and enhance their transactions with other businesses.

Like other B2C packages, Shopify provides the B2B merchants with top-ranking features and tools to facilitate their day to day operations. Hence, it is a good B2B e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs seeking to succeed in this niche.


Are you finding a way to track your B2B shipments and inventories? When selling to other businesses, bulky shipments become the order of the day. The process can be complex and wanting. If not well-managed, chances of suffering a huge loss are high. NetSuite is a leading B2B e-commerce platform that offers you features and functionalities to enhance your inventory management and shipment tracking.

Also, the platform enhances your SEO optimization to boost your visibility. Another thing is that it has Multilanguage and multicurrency capabilities. You can transact with over 37 foreign currencies. Hence, if you are an international wholesale, this is a perfect option.


Having a cloud-based B2B e-commerce platform can be the best idea for entrepreneurs in this sector. With it, you can manage your business from every place and every moment. If you are looking for one, Contalog is the answer. This platform allows you to enhance your client’s experience by offering great features and tools to enhance your order processing and inventory management.

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