3 Must-Have Functionalities of A B2B E-Commerce Platform

3 Must-Have Functionalities of A B2B E-Commerce Platform

Are you thinking of altering your business model? In this time, you want to do business with other business entities instead of selling products to consumers. With the rising rate of digitization, selling online is a norm. According to Forrester, the B2B e-commerce field will amount to more than $1 trillion by 2019. In fact, it will be about triple that of B2C which will only stand at less than $500 billion.

In this essence, as an entrepreneur, you need a B2B e-commerce platform with features and tools to enable you to maximize on this potential revenue. However, you might not know about the features. Here are 3 must-have functionalities you should consider when searching a platform for a B2B e-commerce website:

Responsiveness web designs

If you are not new to the e-commerce world, you are aware that modern customers use several devices. PCs are no longer the only internet access devices. With the rise of smartphones and portable devices, customers are turning to mobile commerce. For you to maximize your returns, you need to accommodate this trends in your e-commerce website. Your site must allow the customers to purchase products using various devices without any challenges. Also, they should have seamless access to the content on your website. As such, you need to ensure your B2B e-commerce platform offers you highly responsive web designs.

Payment options

A transaction ends when the customer pays for your products or services. As a webpreneur, you need to provide your buyers several options to process your payments. Unlike B2C customers, B2B transactions are complex and large. Thus, you should have payment gateways that can handle the complexity and allow the B2B customers to process their transaction with little to no challenges.

Remember, these customers do the recurrent and regular ordering. Hence, they require a gateway that can enable them to process one or multiple invoices at a go. So, ensure the B2B e-commerce platform has such gateways or allows you to add third-party payment gateways.


Self-reliance is a universal aspect of online buyers. Customers want a platform that will enable them to process their transactions without requiring any help. As a B2B entrepreneur, you should provide them with such a platform. Your B2B e-commerce platform must give the customers a chance to transact with ease, track their shipment on transit, and easily manage their accounts.

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In a word, having the best functionalities in your B2B e-commerce platform is the secret to becoming competitive. As such, pay attention to them in the selection process.

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